What It’s Like To Coach With Me

If you’re an overwhelmed parent with Fibromyalgia pain or wanting to prevent Fibromyalgia flare ups, then I’d like to invite you to become a part of my Coaching program and community. 

You’ll get to experience that leading a thriving life is possible again no matter what you are going through now! I will help you accelerate to the next level to the new you that you desire.

You’ll also learn the mindset of a thriving Fibromyalgia free you. As you get results by showing up and allowing yourself the grace of transitions and maybe even transformations, these will become more and more important to your success. 

When you start with one-on-one Coaching, you’ll quickly learn the Snap, SET, Go Technique to instill habits that keep you easily and effectively grounded in the moment. You’ll learn how many aspects of your life affect your physical body, who is carrying all the pain and I will support you to release & feel lighter and have more energy.

You’ll also receive access 24/7 to my proprietary technique, Snap & Go so that you can have my support at your fingertips and become a pro at lowering your everyday stress, anxiety and frustrations.

You’ll learn the importance that your emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs can have on your body and the pain it carries so you and I can collaborate to create a healthy thriving you. To see all of the details, just visit